Giara, is placed in a surface of 45sqKm at 500m high even if the highest point reaches 609m. It is about 70km far from Cagliari and about 45 minutes from the beautiful beaches del Poetto, Isarenas and Torre Grande di Oristano.

Giara di Gesturi is well-known due to its typical wild little horses with almond eyes. There are about 600, all of them wild and free, probably imported from far East.
Adapted on the table-lands since long time ago, they live in small herds constituted of a dominant male and from 4 to 10/12 females with their respective colts. In February is not difficult to see powerful and vigorous male horses fighting for the control of new females that will increase their harems and give prestige for the male.

To enrich the fauna of Giara di Gesturi, many other kinds of animals: martens, hares, wild boars, foxes, wild cats, pigs, cows and the delicate colored dragon-fly. And also several species of birds either settled or migratory such as: buzzards, kestrels, owls, big red woodpecker, bee-eaters, woodcocks, thrushes, blackbirds, fieldfares, wood-pigeons and jays in the woods while over the Steep Rocks, in the open spaces and in the humid zones we can see moorhens, little grebes, mallards, herons and sometimes pink flamingos.

Giara di Gesturi with the rest of 23 nuraghi (stone towers), built around the table-lands by old inhabitants from Sardinia in the second millennium BC, turned into a impregnable fortress.
The place so suggestive, becomes more interesting and exciting due to the presence of the famous and vast nuragic complex "su Nuraxi" di Barumini that recently was added to UNESCO's World Heritage.

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